Sourcing Sourcing
Noi matches customers with suppliers who have the capability and capacity to deliver differentiated products.

Noi's partners are:

  • Reliable and innovative factories that deliver quality products at the right time and at the right price
  • Vertically integrated suppliers from spinning to finished garments
  • Suppliers that meet the highest standards of ethics and compliance
    • WRAP certification ensuring lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing
    • Oeko-Tex certification that harmful chemicals are not used in fabric processing
    • Effluent treatment plants and biological waste water treatment plants to reduce pollution

Noi Solutions also has formed a strategic partnership with Knit Asia Limited, a Bangladesh-based vertically integrated cut and sew operation. Since 2000, Knit Asia Limited has been exporting knit garments to the international market using a completely integrated end to end process that starts with yarn spinning and ends with timely shipments of quality products. The company is a Cotton USA licensee and uses 100% USA cotton. In collaboration with Noi Solutions, Knit Asia is also working on multiple product-focused initiatives.